We provide installation of Laminate, Stone, and solid surface counter-tops for renovation, and new construction.


Laminate Counter-tops

Laminate counter-tops come in a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures. They offer a durable, beautiful, and cost effective option for counter-tops. Click on the link below to explore the color options.



Quartz provides a timeless and maintenance free work-surface. Quartz is a man made product containing quartz and other raw materials. It is a very hard and resilient counter-top providing both a glamorous and functional surface in many different colors. Click on the links below for color selection.


Dekton (Ultracompact Surface)

Dekton is a man made product simulating the natural process of metamorphic change through Sinterixed Particle Technology, creating a surface that is highly scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, stain resistant, heat and flame resistant, highly resistant to UV rays, and resits temperature changes. See the link below for color selection.



Granite is a natural stone harvested in various quarries around the world. It is hard, durable, with stunning natural patterns. Granite is available with 15 year seal to avoid staining and reduce maintenance.